Dance Theatre duet, Lyra Butler-Denman
Lyra Butler-Denman, Dance, Theatre

Current work

Lyra is currently performing as Blanche DuBois in A Street Car Named Desire which runs through September 2019.

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Lyra’s work will be presented October 16th at On The Boards in Seattle, WA.


Lyra is in production for Bardo, an evening-length Dance/Theatre solo performance premiering in Portland, OR in February 2020.


Lyra is a dancer, choreographer, and actor based in Portland, OR. Lyra’s work is primarily interested in the quality of the physical experience of our lives. She explores trauma, sensuality, and the somatic translation, expression, and impact of our world on our bodies. Lyra is curious about the transition of a stimulus from external to internal, and the ways our bodies digest and transform our lives into memory, cellular and otherwise. Her work explores our ability to access, inform, choose, and perhaps change the physical imprints life leaves on us.

Lyra has studied and performed in Paris, New York, Seattle, and Santa Fe, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Cornish College of the Arts, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Centre du Danse du Marais, Moving People Dance Theatre, and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.  She is currently a member of FLOCK.

To inquire about booking please email: lyra@lyrabd.com