Lyra Butler-Denman is a visual artist, performer, teacher, photographer, and bodyworker. 

Lyra is an artist with a BA in Studio Art working primarily in alternative process and platinum photography. Captivated by the unique aesthetic and inherent physicality of the medium, Lyra self-taught, spent years printing in platinum, and has produced a large body of work.  

Lyra teaches Pilates, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSYTEM®, and Contemporary Alexander Technique and is a faculty member at the Alexander Alliance International. Motivated by her own experience with injury, she focuses on rehabilitation, ease, and functionality. She believes in giving her clients a functional understanding of their bodies, empowering them to learn the tools they need to create and maintain change. Lyra has extensive experience working with a broad range of ages, populations, and needs. Lyra works in Portland OR and guest teaches in the US and internationally. 

Lyra works as a dancer, performer, choreographer, and theatre technician. She has a deep love for movement and as a performer and movement teacher she believes in it's ability to transform. She also believes in the uniqueness and necessity for live performance. Lyra has performed and worked all over the US and Europe. 

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